If you do not have accurate drawings of your kitchen or bathroom, we will come to your home and take the necessary measurements along with digital photos. You can explain what you like and don’t like about your current kitchen or bath and we can discuss possible options for improving your kitchen or bathroom layout. Your information will then be entered into our computer system and your design professional will create a kitchen or bathroom design that reflects your preferences.

    When your design is complete we will invite you to our showroom to review your new kitchen or bathroom layout on one of our large computer screens. You will be able to see your kitchen or bathroom in a three dimensional model complete with coloration and lighting. We will work with you to modify the design until you are satisfied.

    Our mission is to transform our client’s living space into a home of their dreams, while doing our best to minimize our client’s costs, project timeline and other inconveniences associated with home renovations. We provide our services with a dedication of customer satisfaction delivered with honesty, integrity and the passion we have for each client of ours.

    We are proactive in finding solutions for our clients that best achieve their goals. Lasting relationships are the lifeblood of our business. We want the clients to feel that our staff is full hardily committed to the successful outcomes of projects that’s what differentiates us. Personal attention to our clients as individuals caring about them as individuals. Our experienced estimating department works in conjunction with our project managers to provide the most competitive prices possible. We strive to ensure good pricing and excellent support from our subcontractors and suppliers.